Become A GANA Breeder

Whether you are a new or well-established Goldendoodle Breeder, become a breeder member of GANA and have a say in the future development of your breed, get support from a mentor, and get involved in continuing education opportunities!  Join GANA at the blue ribbon level or reach the blue ribbon level at any time after… Read more »

Transfer of Ownership

Transfer of Ownership Please follow these steps 1-2 to transfer ownership of GANA registered dogs: Note: New papers can only be produced if both the original and the new owner are either owner or breeder members of GANA. Step 1: Original owner must notify Registrar in writing that ownership has changed. This is required before… Read more »

Litter Registration

Litter Registration Please follow steps 1-3 to register new litters. Note: Both parents must be GANA registered. Step 1: Login to the GANA Database. Access database here Step 2: Click on “Register a New Litter” and fill out the form by selecting the dam and sire and enter the date of birth, breed, etc. Then… Read more »