Become A GANA Breeder

Whether you are a new or well-established Goldendoodle Breeder, become a breeder member of GANA and have a say in the future development of your breed, get support from a mentor, or get involved in continuing education opportunities!  Join as a blue ribbon breeder and get the $100 annual membership fee waived for your first year.  If you join at the basic or red ribbon level, when you achieve blue ribbon status, the following year’s $100 annual dues will be waived.  See the benefits of becoming a GANA member breeder here.

Please follow these steps 1-3 to apply for Breeder Membership in GANA

Step 1: Complete kennel application.
Step 2: Pay membership dues of $100 (paid annually).

Step 3: Send copy of your kennel’s warranty to “warranty submission


steps 1-3 above are complete and have been reviewed by GANA, the Registrar will activate your membership and your kennel listing will be added to the member breeders’ page. You are now eligible to register your qualified breeding dogs with GANA.