About GANA

Benefits of Joining GANA™

Gives your breeding program credentials, shows you are dedicated to breeding healthy dogs, and provides networking, support, mentors, resources and knowledge from other breeders. The searchable data base with all of that great information is available to help you make informed decisions, contacts with other GANA™ breeders and to enable you to buy health tested dogs.

GANA™ Breeder Code of Ethics

All GANA™ member breeders agree to abide by the GANA™ Code of Ethics to ensure quality care of their dogs and puppies is a top priority.

Health Testing Requirements

All GANA™ breeders submit health testing documents on every breeding dog to ensure all puppies come from fully health tested parents. All health certification documents are reviewed by the GANA™ Registrar.

Breeders Policies and Guidelines

All GANA™ breeders agree to abide by the policies and guidelines established and outlined here.