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This function is to be used when you are seeking a puppy that will be ready in more than 8 weeks, and is therefore, not born yet.  (Note:  Until the Classified section above is completed, you can use this email function to reach all our breeders about their current litters as well as upcoming litters). Please use the contact us button below to send in your request including the size Goldendoodle you are seeking, where you live, and any other specifics you would like to share.  Your request will be sent out to all the GANA member breeders.  Any that can accommodate your request will reach out to you.  Puppies that are already born and are available can be located using the Classified function above.  Be aware that you cannot unsubscribe from this list as it generates an email that is sent just once to all our member breeders.  You may get a few emails after you have found a puppy. In that case, just let the individual breeder know to remove you from their email list. You are also welcome to peruse the list of GANA member breeders and contact them individually.

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