GANA Breeder Code of Ethics

In applying for membership or renewal of membership, I pledge that:

I shall at all times ensure all dogs under my control are appropriately cared for in regards to shelter, food, water, exercise, and veterinary care.

I have never had my membership to any animal club or association revoked or suspended, or if so, I have disclosed this to the GANA board for consideration for membership.

I will register/license my dogs with all state and local required organizations. If a kennel license is required, I will not operate a breeding program without obtaining one.

I will treat my fellow breeders with respect at all times.

I shall always breed with the soundness or betterment of the Goldendoodle in mind. I will not breed any dog/bitch that has not been tested or has failed any of the requirements listed in the “required Health Tests”.

I will not sell/trade any of my dogs or puppies to any commercial animal wholesaler or retail pet dealers/traders.

I will not sell/trade/release a puppy under the age of 7 weeks or before the minimum age requirement for my state.

I will give/sell/trade all puppies with a written spay/neuter requirement or I will have the puppies spayed/neutered before leaving me unless puppies are sold with breeding rights.

I will have all puppies examined by my vet prior to placement as pets or breeders and will provide proof of this exam to the new owner upon their request.

I will educate new puppy owners to the best of my ability as to the proper care and welfare of the puppy.

I will offer email and phone support of new puppy owners before and after the puppy leaves my care.

I agree to help re-home any dog that originated from by breeding stock should the need arise.

I will provide record of all vaccinations, de-wormings, and veterinary care as well as a GANA puppy registration Certificate with each puppy that leaves my care.

I will not guarantee hypo-allergenic qualities or non-shedding coats to any customer.

I will keep written records of my breeding stock’s offspring and document any noted or report genetic defects. I will not pair those that show repeated defects of an inhibiting nature in their offspring.

I will provide a warranty for life-inhibiting genetic defects until at least 2 years of age. I understand that each breeder’s warranty will vary somewhat, but I will not require a puppy/dog to be returned for a warranty to be exercised. The required use of any supplements or specific brand of food is not allowed. Exercise limitations can be requested, but not required. It is at my discretion as to whether to offer a monetary assistance or to replace the puppy with a like puppy. The minimum monetary assistance is 50% of the purchase price of the puppy, not including shipping fees.

I will maintain a website that meets GANA’s requirements which include but are not limited to 1) A current copy of my two year genetic defect warranty will be displayed at all times, 2) No guarantees of hypo-allergenic coats are made, and 3) No specific brand of food or supplements are required.  If I make changes to my warranty displayed on my website, I will provide the GANA Registrar with a copy of my updated warranty.

I will not breed any dog/bitch to a related dog/bitch within 3 generations.

I will select breeding pairs with the specific goal of producing the best health, conformation, temperament, and coats.

I will make certain that any buyer given breeding rights with a puppy understands and follows ethical breeding practices.

I will not surrender a pet or breeding dog to any rescue, animal control or shelter. I will find an appropriate pet home.

I will keep my dogs up to date on necessary vaccines for my area. I will vaccinate all puppies between 6-8 weeks of age. I will de-worm all puppies a minimum of two times prior to 8 weeks of age.

I agree that I either own the breeding rights or have contracted the use of the breeding rights for all dogs used in my breeding program.

I will not knowingly or intentionally withhold medical or testing information on a bitch/dog when selling breeding stock to another breeder.

GANA works hard to ensure that our breeders have ethical breeding practices. However, GANA cannot be responsible for the breeding practices of any breeder listed on GANA; as the customer you still need to ask questions of your breeder. Upon request, your breeder should be able to supply you with proof of health testing as well as references. If you feel that a GANA breeder has failed to live up the code of ethics, a complaint can be emailed to the GANA Board at