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Questions or comments regarding GANA™ or its Member Breeders can be made using the form below.

If you are looking for a puppy from a GANA™ breeder, please click here.

Please be aware that GANA™ cannot answer questions regarding health issues concerning your pet, and any such questions sent to GANA™ will, regrettably, not receive a response. Please consult your vet for questions of this nature. Any and all questions concerning coat types, predicted size, colors, or temperament issues should be directed to the breeder you are working with or from whom you purchased your dog. If you have a complaint about a GANA™ breeder, you are welcome to complete the complaint form available below. Unfortunately, if you have involved an attorney, GANA™ will be unable to intervene. GANA™ is unable to respond to questions or comments regarding non-GANA™ breeders.

If you wish to know what testing information you should look for or red flags that may cause you to “paws” in your search for a breeder, please visit these pages:

If you are not working with a breeder, GANA™ is happy to respond to general questions about the Goldendoodle.

If you are looking for a puppy from a GANA™ breeder, please click here.  Before using this contact us form, please visit our FAQ page as most questions are addressed there.  

GANA™ Board

  • President: Shari Hall of Shining Star Doodles
  • Vice President: Ji Khalsa of Cosmopolitan Companion Dogs
  • Secretary: Kelsey Painter of Fox Creek Farm Goldendoodles
  • Treasurer: April Regler of Curly Doodles
  • Bria Freeman of Selah Mountain Dogs
    Jessica Adkins-Yeast of Blackwater Doodles
    Brenda Adtruson of Bren’s Doodles

Dog Registrar: Brenda Hutchinson