Breeder Policies and Guidelines

All Member Breeders agree to the following:

» They will abide by the GANA™ Code of Ethics.

» They join GANA™ by applying for membership and submitting the proper paperwork as set forth in the “New Breeder Application” found on the GANA™ website at”

» To select an alphabetic kennel prefix and provide it to GANA™ at the time the breeder applies for membership. The kennel prefix will appear at the beginning of all registered dogs’ and puppies’ names.

» Membership renewals are due by the last day of each breeder’s anniversary month. If a membership lapses by more than 30 days, (i) the breeder must rejoin GANA™ and pay the then current published rates for the membership fee.  Lapsed membership due to failure to pay dues in a timely manner, suspension, or other causes are subject to a $100 re-enrollment fee to cover administrative costs over and above the $150 annual dues fee.

» That they are in good standing with all other dog associations in which they are current or former members.

» To register all breeding dogs owned, leased, or borrowed that are used in their Goldendoodle breeding program, including Golden Retrievers, Poodles, and Goldendoodles, and any derivatives, prior to any mating taking place.

» To not breed a female dog under the age of one (1) year or over the age of seven (7) years. Males may be bred as soon as all required testing has been completed and cleared at appropriate ages as stated in these Policies; Patellas and heart clearances after 7 mos. of age will be accepted for males if they are to be bred prior to a year of age. Patellas and heart clearances need to be completed again between 12 and 14 mos. of age to achieve a permanent clearance; males may breed for as long as they are able to produce healthy litters.

» To register litters within 90 days of whelping.* Although litters must be submitted, GANA™ may determine that a litter is not eligible for GANA™ registration if there is a finding of an ethics conflict. Such litters include, but are not limited to, litters of dogs bred under the age of one (1) year or over the age of seven (7) years, litters of untested/uncleared dogs, and litters in which the breeder has disregarded health and genetic standards by implementing or allowing inbreeding/linebreeding and/or permitting two
dogs to breed knowing health issues of the cross may result.

*A non-compliance fee will be added to register litters after the deadline (90 days of whelping). That fee will double the registration fee

**Failure to register all litters by the original deadline given when a litter audit shows that litters have not been registered during the audit period will result in removal from GANA membership.  The breeder can reapply to be a member of GANA™ no sooner than one year after their GANA™ membership was suspended.  If the breeder’s request for reinstatement after a year’s suspension is approved, any additional infraction of any GANA™ rule will result in permanent membership removal. The initial application fee for reapplying will be doubled ($398).

» To supply their clients with a GANA™ “Puppy Registration Certificate” for each dog or puppy sold, lent, given or leased to other parties at the time of transfer or as soon as the registrar has processed the litter applications.

» To permanently ID (Tattoo, or Microchip, or DNA fingerprint) all breeding stock and puppies kept, given, or leased or sold to other parties.

» All GANA™ Members must display a current logo on their website linking back to the GANA™ website. Only current, active GANA™ Members may use the GANA™ logo. For the avoidance of doubt, the GANA™ logo may not be used or displayed by any members who are under a suspension by GANA™ or whose membership has lapsed. No other third parties are permitted to use the GANA™ logo without GANA™’s express prior written consent. Notwithstanding the language above, GANA™ may request at any time that any third parties or GANA™ members cease the use of the GANA™ logo, and such logo must be promptly removed by such party.

» To conduct his/her breeding program in accordance with GANA™’s “Code of Ethics”. Infractions should be reported to a member of GANA™ board by submitting a complaint form available on the GANA™ website. After review by the Board (which may include physical inspection and interviews with the breeder suspected of the infraction), the Board will determine what action needs to be taken.

» To divulge to the GANA™ Board at the time of applying for membership if they are or have been involved in any dispute or legal proceeding (past or present) concerning any area of his/her breeding practice. The GANA™ Board, at its discretion, will make a determination to include or exclude the breeder from membership based upon the severity of the incident and its outcome.

Frozen Semen Usage Rule

For frozen semen, all testing for the stud must meet Red or Blue Ribbon GANA™ requirements and be current at the time of collection. For those studs who were so qualified at the time of collection, the CERF requirement will be considered current regardless of the date the semen is utilized. When the stud remains available for annual CERF testing, it is required that he be up to date with CERF exams before the frozen semen is utilized. If the stud exhibits a inheritable health problem at any time after testing, the stored semen should be destroyed and GANA will not accept offspring from the stud into the GANA™ registry.

Note: When frozen semen is utilized and the CERF on the stud is no longer current, you will need to supply the GANA™ Registrar with documentation from the vet performing the insemination as to the date the semen used was collected. A CERF current at the time of collection must either already be on file with the GANA™ Registrar or it must be presented at the time the litter is registered.

Dual Sired Litters

Any puppies produced by an attempted dual sired litter must be DNA tested to determine parentage.  In lieu of DNA proof, an exception may be requested when definitive proof of parentage is apparent without DNA proof.  Exceptions must be submitted to a board member and approved prior to registering the litter.

Required Pedigree Information

» As evidenced by both GANA™’s Mission Statement and GANA™’s Motto, GANA™’s primary goal is to maintain the integrity of the Goldendoodle and set standards for its future. In order to do so, all dogs registered with GANA™ must be either a purebred Golden Retriever or a purebred Poodle, or a Goldendoodle that is composed of only those two parent breeds. In order to do so, the following pedigree information must be provided:

Golden Retrievers and Poodles:
A GANA™ accepted pedigree for Golden Retrievers and Poodles (American Kennel Club; Canadian Kennel Club).  An extended pedigree showing at least three generations is preferred but not required.

A GANA™ approved pedigree for both the Golden Retriever and Poodle parents and a pedigree for the Goldendoodle, or in lieu of a pedigree, an easy-to-follow written explanation with accompanying documentation showing the relationship of the Goldendoodle to the pedigreed parents.

To increase diversity in the Goldendoodle, breeders are able to DNA test undocumented Golden Retrievers, Poodles and/or Goldendoodles to show breed verification of only Golden Retriever and/or Poodle in order to be eligible for GANA registration. Golden Retrievers, Poodles and Goldendoodles that do not have an acceptable pedigree available may be accepted as registered breeding dogs so long as a DNA test is performed to prove the purebred status of each undocumented dog. The DNA breed verification testing must be performed by an OFA accepted DNA lab.

GANA™ registered names for dogs originally submitted for registration from a GANA accepted registry (i.e. AKC) will use the same name as it is registered on the original pedigree. Any name changes must be made with the original registry before submitting the Dog for GANA™ registration. The name of a dog that has been exclusively/originally registered with GANA™ will be allowed to be changed provided the following criteria are met:

1. The dog was whelped in North America.
2. In cases where the breeder(s) first individually registered the dog, their written consent would be required.
3. A dog name containing a Registered Kennel Name cannot be changed without the written consent of the owner(s) of that Registered Kennel Name.
4. No change in the name will be recorded by GANA™ after the dog has produced or sired a GANA™ registered litter or received an award at a GANA™ licensed or member event.
5. Any name change must comply with all GANA™ requirements.
6. The fee for a name change within the GANA™ system will be $10.

Consequences for breeding dogs that have expired or missing testing:

If a GANA™ breeder produces a litter that is missing the health testing required to meet their current ribbon level, and is not able to provide it to the Registrar immediately when requested, the following consequences will be enforced:

» A-If any health test is missing or not current on either parent of the litter required  to meet the current kennel ribbon level, the ribbon level will be lowered to match the current level of testing for a period of 90 days. Once the 90 day penalty is up, the kennel will be returned to their former ribbon IF the testing has been completed. If, after 90 days, the missing testing on the pair has not been completed, the kennel will remain at the lower ribbon level until they produce a litter meeting a higher ribbon level AND passing testing for the dog with missing testing is submitted, OR that dog is altered/retired (documentation required). Breeder has the option of staying at the lower testing level as long as it is Red ribbon (or Basic if they are within the one year limitation on Basic level). Breeder is NOT to be reinstated to the original ribbon level prior to the 90 day period, even if testing is completed before that period.

» B-If the missing testing means that the dog does not even meet the basic ribbon level of testing, the kennel is suspended for 90 days. To be reinstated, the kennel must provide either the missing health testing or spay/neuter that dog and provide documentation. Additionally, the kennel must have produced a new litter that meets at a minimum the red ribbon level to have their membership reinstated; unless the breeder is still in their first year at the basic level.

» C-If the dog missing the health testing fails the required health test, the breeder will be suspended for a total of 6 months and the dog must be spayed or neutered. Note that the 90 day period of demotion will count toward the 6 month suspension period.

» D – Breeders neglecting to register any litter regardless of the reason will face removal from GANA™ membership. Even though GANA™ allows a grace period of 90 days from the date of whelp to register any/all litters, GANA™’s expectation is that its member breeders register all litters prior to adoption, in order that registration certificates can be provided at the time of transfer of ownership to new families. The breeder can reapply to be a member of GANA™ no sooner than one year after their GANA™ membership was suspended.  If the breeder’s request for reinstatement after the year’s suspension is approved, any additional infraction of any GANA™ rule will result in permanent membership removal. The initial application fee for reapplying will be doubled ($398).

Procedures for Communication for Late Fees, Missing Health Tests, Missing Litter Registrations, Etc:

Member breeders will receive an email and a text regarding the infraction (missing litter registration, missing health test, late fees, etc).  If no response, then 10 days later, another email and text will be sent to the member breeder.  If there is no response within 3 business days, then your membership will be deactivated.  This procedure provides you 13 days beyond the deadline to rectify the situation before your membership is deactivated.