Continuing Education For Breeders

GANA stays up to date on new research and studies that affect the Goldendoodle so we can bring that education to our members. As a breeder member, you will have unlimited free access to the following topics.

GANA Conferences –  May 2014, March 2019, March 2020

3/9/19- Myra Savant Harris on artificial insemination, sperm life, reabsorption, stud dog health, progesterone, nutrition, pregnancy, split heats, stages of labor, back to back breedings, c-sections, fading puppy syndrome, eclampsia and more

3/10/19- Amy Lane on how to draw blood and progesterone testing

3/10/19- Ji Khalsa from Midwoofery on Canine Reproductive Cytology

6/26/19 – Cindy Niske on Structure and Movement

3/13/20 – Gooddog on Canine Contracts and Law

3/14/20 – Dr. Carmen Battaglia on Structure, Movement & Pedigree Analysis

3/15/20 – Dr. Jerold Bell on Genetic Diversity, Selection of Mates & Popular Sire Syndrome

4/3/20 – Dr. Casey Carl with Paw Print Genetics on coat color and CDDY/CDPA

4/10/20 – Dr. Carmen Battaglia on 8 Skills Breeders Need

4/16/20 – Dr. Carmen Battaglia on Early Neurological Stimulation, Nutrition and Maternal Influences

4/22/20 – Dr. Carmen Battaglia on Selecting Sires, Dams and Pedigree Analysis

4/30/20 – Dr. Carmen Battaglia on How to Choose the Best Puppy

4/30/20 – Dr. Hutchinson, DVM Q&A on Canine Reproduction hosted by Gooddog

5/13/20 – Ryan Yamka, PhD, FACN, PAS, Dipl ACAS on DCM and “How We Got Here”

5/20/20 – A Seminar of Questions and Answers with Dr. Carmen Battaglia

5/28/20- Round Table discussion with our membership discussing structure, genetic diversity, and how to choose a stud

6/4/20- Dr. Marty Greer on Collecting, Artificial  Insemination, and Shipping Semen

6/5/20- Dr. Marty Greer on Managing the Valuable Brood Female

6/8/20 – Canine Reproduction with Dr. Hutchinson

6/15/20- Dr. Andi Harper from Animal Magic Care Chiropractic

7/9/20- Canine Nursing and Weaning with Ji Khalsa from Midwoofery

7/15/20- A Study on the difference between PennHip and OFA by The Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association

7/16/20- Free Training Resources with Ian Dunbar

7/22/20- How To Build a Puppy: Early Development 0-63 Days by Suzanne Clothier

7/31/20- How to Read Science for the Non-Scientist with Ji Khalsa from Midwoofery

8/13/20- Parasitology for Dog Breeders with Ji Khalsa from Midwoofery

8/24/20- Different Size Pups in the Same Litter with Dr. Marty Greer

8/27/20- Canine Embryology and Fetal Development with Ji Khalsa from Midwoofery

8/28/20- C-Sections with Dr. Marty Greer

9/11/20- Keeping it Clean—Biosecurity with Ji Khalsa from Midwoofery

9/17/20- Discussion on CDDY with Robert A. Grahn, Ph.D. from UC Davis

9/25/20- Open discussion with the membership on the possibility of a Breeding Cooperative

11/6/20- Q&A with Dr. Hutchinson, DVM on Stud Dogs, Timing Your Bitches & Whelping hosted by Gooddog

11/25/20- The Trot by Canine Fitness Innovations

11/11/20- Training resources from various resources

1/7/21- Genetics of Socialization by Jessica Hekman MS, DVM

1/28/21- Approaches to the Study of Behavior and Temperament in Assistance Dogs with Dr. James Serpell from the University of Pennsylvania

1/29/21- Panosteitis in Puppies: Growing Pains in Dogs by Revival

2/8/21- Puppy Exercise Guidelines by Avidog

2/15/21- Tube Feeding Puppies and Kittens by Revival

2/15/21- Brucellosis in Dogs by Revival

2/15/21- Heart Murmurs in Puppies by Revival

3/31/21- Drugs safe/not safe to use with breeding dogs with Dr. Marty Greer

4/21/21- C-Section Management with Dr. Marty Greer

5/19/21- “Life is a Rainbow” Color Genetics 101 with Ji Khalsa

5/26/21- Causes of Pregnancy Loss/Reabsorption with Dr. Marty Greer

6/17/21- Longevity with Gayle Watkins

6/23/21- What Can Go Wrong with Studs with Dr. Marty Greer

7/16/21- Discussion on newly added DNA diseases to the PPG Goldendoodle panel with Dr. Casey Carl

7/28/21- Frozen Semen Storage and Tips with Dr. Marty Greer

8/25/21- Dr. Marty Greer’s customized webinar of weird things that can happen