Grooming FAQ

You can find materials to brush, bathe, and clip your puppy’s nails under the “Shopping” tab.

How often should I brush my puppy?

Your puppy needs to be brushed daily with a slicker brush followed by a metal comb. The slicker brush will only brush the surface. The comb will help you detect any mats that are forming underneath, which is a vital part of the process. Daily brushing will keep your puppy mat free and will also teach your puppy that grooming is a routine event.

How often should I clip my puppy’s nails?

Typically they need to be clipped weekly to be kept at the proper length. As they grow, you can move to once or twice a month. You will want to massage/play with your puppy’s toes on a regular basis to desensitize it to make clipping nails easier. A groomer will typically clip nails as part of the grooming service.

How often can I bathe my puppy? 

As long as you use a tearless shampoo, you can bathe as often as you like. A tearless shampoo does not have grease cutters, and therefore, will not dry out your puppy’s coat by frequent bathing. Be sure to fully brush after a bath to avoid matting.

Should I brush my puppy’s teeth?

Your puppy’s baby teeth will fall out. However, you will want to brush your puppy’s teeth as soon as possible so it will be accustomed to this when its adult teeth come in. You can brush your dog’s teeth daily.

When should my puppy have its first hair cut?

Your puppy will probably be ready for its first hair cut at 4-6 months of age. You will want to find a groomer before you bring your puppy home so that you can take them to the groomer before their first hair cut to get them comfortable with the groomer and the process. Your groomer can do a “Face,  feet, and fanny” before 4-6 months of age. 

How much does a professional clip cost?

Pricing will vary based on location, kind of cut requested, and the length and condition of the coat. The typical price range is between $75 and $150.

How long does a professional clip usually take?

You can expect the grooming appointment to be 2-4 hours depending the size dog and the kind of cut you request.