Litter Registration


Please follow steps 1-4 to register new litters. Note: Both parents must be GANA™ registered.

Before you start, please print this page so you have these instructions once a link takes you to a new page.

Step 1: Please pay for the litter you are registering before you leave this page to register your litter.
Note: Please send a copy of the PayPal receipt and include the bitches name in the memo section for easier processing to

Note: A non-compliance fee will be added to register litters after the deadline (90 days post whelping). That fee will double the registration fee meaning you need to pay twice before your litter will be processed by the Registrar.

Please use the following chart to determine the fee for your litter:  

1 puppy – $25
2 puppies – $30
3 puppies – $35
4 puppies – $40
5 puppies – $45
6 puppies – $50
7 puppies – $55
8 puppies – $60
9 puppies – $65
10 puppies  – $70
11 puppies – $75
12 puppies – $80
13 puppies – $85
14 puppies – $90
15 puppies – $95


Litter registrations are typically processed the day they are received and mailed the next day. With your litter registration forms, you will receive one copy of the owner registration instruction page. You will need to copy and give one instruction sheet with each individual litter registration paper. Updated fees effective July 1, 2023.

Step 2: Login to the GANA Database. Access database here

Step 3: Click on “Register a New Litter” and fill out the form by selecting the dam and sire and
enter the date of birth, breed, etc. Then click on “continue”.

Step 4: For each puppy:

A – Enter each puppy using a unique name for each one. The requested protocol is for you
to use the microchip number in the name, i.e.: Pink053465098. Do not use a name used

B – Indicate either “entire” (sold or kept intact), “desexed” (before being sold), or “contract”
(requiring desexing by contract)

C – Include microchip or tattoo information as well as predicted height.