Traveling With Your Puppy?

Want to take Fido with you? It is very important that your puppy gets out to see the world! Please remember that all puppies adjust to new things differently. Here are some tips if you are traveling with your puppy.

First, be sure that you are in compliance with the airline’s policy before booking your flight and purchasing your items. The easiest thing to do is book your flight over the phone with the representative and tell them about your puppy then. They will give you clear instructions on what is needed.

You will want to check in your pet as soon as you get to the airport. Have all your documents out and ready for a speedy checkout. Your primary goal is for everything to go as quickly and smoothly as possible! The fee to fly with a puppy in cabin varies depending on the airline so be sure to check when you book your flight over the phone.

Your pet will almost always be required to stay in your carry on bag. Sometimes airline employees will look the other way if you decide to carry your puppy though the airport if it means that the puppy is more comfortable.

To get through security, you must take your puppy out of the carry on bag and walk through the security check with the puppy in your arms.

There are Pet Relief areas throughout the airport. However, if you have a puppy that is not fully vaccinated yet, it is recommended that you take the puppy into a human restroom, put down a potty pad and see if the puppy will go. The Pet Relief area could be dangerous for a puppy that is not fully vaccinated.

Plan your food and water intake for the day. A puppy that is flying will need small, frequent meals throughout the day. If your flight is longer than 2-3 hours you will need to offer food and water during the flight. In addition to kibble, try to bring something more enticing for a puppy. Sometimes stress will cause the puppy to not have an appetite.

Board early! Let your puppy settle in and feel comfortable before the aircraft takes off. Typically once you are in the air, the rumble of the plane will put your puppy to sleep.

Consider the stress that your puppy may be enduring. This is probably a new situation for your puppy so they could be very nervous. You should expect some whining, barking, and even vomiting due to stress. Keep your puppy happy by talking to your puppy, sticking your fingers in the carrier and check on him/her often.

Once you land, your main goal is to get the puppy out of the airport. You will want them to have one more potty break, ideally outside of the airport before getting in your car, but in a restroom in the airport works too!

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Carry On Bag- Be sure to get one that aligns with the Airline’s policy

Line the carrier with one or two absorbent pads to soak up any potty accidents that may occur.