Puppy Request

Please include the size you are seeking and any specifics you are requesting as well as your location. Breeders who can accommodate your request will contact you via email.

  • Please give a minimum and maximum weight range.
  • Keep in mind that flexibility will increase the number of breeders that contact you.
  • Please note that breeding rights do not convey with a puppy sold as a pet. Purchasing breeding rights involves additional fees and agreements.
  • Please note that there is a puppy shortage due to COVID. If you cannot be flexible on the criteria listed above, you will receive fewer or no replies as breeders are overwhelmed with requests.

GANA Board contact info

President: Debbie Dixon of Zippity Doodles
Vice President/Quality Assurance Manager: Lynne Whitmire  of Fountain Falls Goldendoodles
Secretary: Amy Lane of Fox Creek Farm
Treasurer: Steve Smith of River Falls Goldendoodles
Dog Registrar:  Brenda Hutchinson