Register Breeding Dogs

Please follow these steps 1-3 to register your breeding dogs. New members: if you need assistance registering your breeding dogs in the GANA database, please contact the registrar here.


Step 1: Pay registration fee for each breeding dog submitted. Note: You will only be paying for the breeding dogs in your program and not for any of the ancestors in the pedigree.
Note: Please list the Dog’s name in the comment section of paypal for easier processing.
Note: GANA will no longer accept Continental Kennel Club or American Canine Association pedigrees as proof of lineage unless accompanied by DNA test results proving the dog in question is comprised of only the genes of a Golden Retriever and a Poodle.

Fee’s for number registered

11 to 20 dogs registered at same time

Note: (add sliding scale of payment based on number of dogs to register)

IF you are a new breeder registering breeding dogs for the first time, once all your breeding dogs are registered, you will be sent a personalized GANA logo to add to your website. GANA asks that you place a link to the GANA website on your website. You will also be assigned a ribbon level (red or blue) or no ribbon for the basic level based on the health testing you have submitted. Your ribbon level will be visible next to your kennel listing on the GANA website. Please note that if you have one dog that only qualifies at the red ribbon level, you will receive a red ribbon designation even though you may have some dogs at the blue ribbon level and likewise for the basic level.

Step 2: Submit pedigrees, copies of required health testing, and photos of each breeding dog to the Registrar. This can be done via email here: Registrar, or snail mail (GANA Registrar, 730 Mauzy Road, Berkeley Springs, WV 25411)

Step 3: Click on this link to enter the dog’s basic info.