Register Breeding Dogs

Please follow steps 1 and 2 to register your breeding dogs. New members: if you need assistance registering your breeding dogs in the GANA database, please contact the registrar here.


Step 1: Pay registration fee for each breeding dog submitted.

Note A: You will only be paying for the breeding dogs in your program and not for any of the ancestors in the pedigree.
Note B: GANA does not accept Continental Kennel Club or American Canine Association pedigrees as proof of lineage unless accompanied by DNA test results proving the dog in question is comprised of only the genes of a Golden Retriever and a Poodle.
Note C:  GANA accepts both Wisdom and Embark panels for breed composition and disease testing, but we have found Embark to be more accurate.  If you used Wisdom and have results that do not seem accurate, please retest using Embark.

Fee’s for number registered

11 to 20 dogs registered at same time

IF you are a new breeder registering breeding dogs for the first time, once all your breeding dogs are registered, you will be sent a personalized GANA logo to add to your website. GANA asks that you place a link to the GANA website on your website. You will also be assigned a ribbon level (red or blue) or no ribbon for the basic level based on the health testing you have submitted. You can remain a basic breeder for up to one year.  When that year ends, you will have to submit health testing to bring you up to at least the red ribbon level.  Your ribbon level will be visible next to your kennel listing on the GANA website. Please note that if you have one dog that only qualifies at the red ribbon level, you will receive a red ribbon designation even though you may have some dogs at the blue ribbon level and likewise for the basic level.

Step 2: Submit pedigrees, copies of required health testing, and photos of each breeding dog to the Registrar.  You can pay for all your dogs at one time above, but you will need to use this form once for each dog you are registering.  The form cannot be used to register multiple dogs on one form.  

Register Breeding Dogs

This form is used to submit pedigree info, dog details, and health testing as well as a photo of the dog to be registered.
  • If this dog is AKC registered, you must use the name on the AKC registration papers.
  • Must be completed to register a new dog.
  • Must be completed to register a new dog.
  • Drop files here or
    If you are registering a Goldendoodle, please provide the parents'/grandparents'/great grandparents' pedigrees with a written description as to how these pedigrees are related to the dog you are registering. If you do not have AKC pedigrees on each branch of the dogs in the ancestry, you can attach the results from the Wisdom or Embark panel showing this dog is comprised of only Poodle and Golden Retriever genes.
  • Drop files here or
    If you are registering a puppy that has not completed its health testing, you can submit testing results as they are achieved. Remember that each breeding pair has to meet your ribbon level to maintain your ribbon status. You do not need to DNA disease test each dog for each disease required for your ribbon level, but you must pair dogs so there is a clear parent for each diseased for your ribbon level. If you are a new breeder registering your breeding dogs at this time, you must prove you have studs or bitches that when paired together meet your ribbon level requirements. You cannot rely on hiring an outside stud that is fully tested to breed to your untested bitches to maintain your ribbon level.
  • This photo will be included onto your registration form.