Stud Owner Release for Hired Stud Service

Please fill out the following forms before using a stud that is not owned by you, the bitch owner.
1. Complete the BITCH OWNER FORM (web form below)
2. Have the stud owner complete the STUD OWNER RELEASE (Download) before the breeding occurs.
3. Please see the pedigree requirements by clicking here. Note that GANA™ registered studs will already meet these requirements, but non-GANA™ registered studs may not.
4. Confirm the testing on the stud before the breeding occurs to ensure the stud meets at least the basic level of testing so your membership is not jeopardized by creating a litter that is not eligible for registration with GANA™. Using a stud that does not meet your ribbon level WILL cause your ribbon level to be decreased.
Bitch owner is responsible for ensuring completed forms are received by the Registrar.

Bitch Owner Form