Breeder Supply List

GANA has put together this general supply list to help new breeders prepare for their litter!

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Whelping Box
Note: If you purchase the raised garden box or the blue pool, make sure you get pig rails!

Whelping pads- Get several so that you can wash some while having one down. We recommend at least three pads. 48×48 or larger is a great size.

A heat lamp or heating pad can be used with caution until the pups are 1-2 weeks of age.

A bulb syringe is used to clear the airway of a newborn puppy

Whelping collars –

Oral Cal is used during whelp to help ease and speed up contractions. Give the recommended dose after the first puppy arrives and then every other puppy after that. You will go through this quickly so we recommend at least two. Calsorb is a less expensive, but has a bitter taste, where the Oral Cal taste is more enjoyable for the bitch.

High calorie supplements are a must have when you have a litter coming. Nutri Cal is for newborn puppies that are not thriving. Dyne can help with a smooth transition from momma’s milk to wet softened food.

DHA- Proven to improve the intelligence of puppies. You can feed this to your bitches through pregnancy and nursing and you can start puppies on it when you wean them. The chews are a little easier for puppies to consume. Please find more info here:

Hemostats to clamp the umbilical cord if needed

Tube feeding supplies

Syringe feeding supplies

Bottle feeding supplies

Replacement milk for tube, bottle and syringe feeding. The can is easier to use for tube feeding.

Other recommended supplies include old rags, paper towels, rubber gloves

After whelp supplies

Puppy bowls

Xpen for pups to play in when they’re older. A variety of sizes and types are below.

Box Potty Training – Litter or Potty Pad Training

If you want to crate train your puppies before they leave you.
X-small – Mini size pups individually crate trained
Small – Medium/standard size pups individually or two mini sized pups in together

Puppy scale

Puppy beds – You do not want to get anything too expensive!

Puppy Enrichment Toys – it is important for puppies to work on problem solving!

GANA recommends that you raise your puppies with an interactive enrichment program.
Puppy Culture: